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Since 1998

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Specialty Areas

We are able to assist in a wide range of litigation issues.

In criminal matters, our evaluations are typically conducted through interviews with the defendant, the legal team, family and friends, a record and document review, neuropsychological and psychological testing, and behavioral testing. Through this comprehensive evaluation process we provide several products that can significantly contribute to a course of action.

In civil matters, we are able to assist with mediation, assess child custody issues, conduct home studies, assist with abuse issues, provide supervised visitation, investigate psychological outcomes of medical malpractice, and aid in statistical analysis, and other civil issues.

  •  Adoption Home Studies

  •  Attention Deficit / Hyperactive Disorder

  •  Best Practice
  •  Case Consultation
  •  Child Custody Evaluations

  •  COA Accreditation Consultation
  •  Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations

  •  Comprehensive Competency Evaluations

  •  Crisis Intervention
  •  Dispute Mediation
  •  Divorce and Family Mediation

  •  Crisis Management and Consultation

  •  Forensic Psychological Evaluation and Assessment

  •  Foster Care Home Studies

  •  Grief, Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorder Issues

  •  In-Home Services
  •  Intelligence and Aptitude Assessments

  •  Jury Consultation

  •  Neuropsychological Evaluations

  •  Parental Evaluations 
  •  Psychological Consultation

  •  Psychological and Vocational Assessments

  •  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  •  Quality Assurance
  •  Sentence Mitigation Investigation

  •  Sexual Abuse Assessment

  •  Speaker/Workshop Leader

  •  Statistical Analysis
  •  Stress Management and Prevention

  •  Supervised Visitation
  •  Workshop Leader

**We can serve in the capacity of Expert Witness, Mitigation Specialist, or as a Case Consultant. Contact us to see what is the best fit for your case.




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