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Vanguard Consulting, LLC

Since 1998

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Our Mission

To become the leading provider of forensic and consulting services.

Company Profile

Vanguard Consulting, LLC provides forensic services and consultation to a wide variety of businesses around the Southeast. Led by its President, Dr. J. Davis Martin, Ph.D., Vanguard Consulting, LLC is the company others have turned to since 1998 whenever they require the level of expertise for which Dr. Martin has become known.

According to Rule 702 of the Federal Rules of Evidence...

"an Expert is a person, who, due to specialized training and experience, may provide testimony to assist the trier of fact in understanding the evidence that is beyond the layperson's knowledge, or to determine a fact in an issue" (Moore, 1985)

A Mental Health Professional, who is trained to provide expert witness testimony...

  • is able to form opinions based on known facts and objective evidence, not only on theory.
  • although often hired by one side in a legal matter, does not serve as an advocate, but remains completely objective and impartial.
  • is able to communicate opinions in clear, succinct, and persuasive manner, which can help the jury understand the case, not decide its outcome (Tsushima & Anderson, 1996).


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