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What is eTherapy?

  • Online therapy, or eTherapy, provides counseling services online, typically through email.
  • The therapeutic relationship is developed through email communiqués.
  • You can seek a consult for one issue or occasion or develop an ongoing relationship.
  • Insurance companies will not pay for eTherapy. You must pay for this yourself.
  • Online therapy has been shown to be effective for many people.

You may consider eTherapy if:

  • You are at least 18 years of age.

  • You agree (along with your online therapist) that the issues you are experiencing can be appropriately dealt with through online counseling.

  • You are not currently in a crisis, feeling suicidal, or homicidal.

  • You understand the potential limitations of online counseling.

  • You are hesitant or reluctant to otherwise seek face-to-face therapy.




Please Read

  • Please keep in mind that there are potential limitations to eTherapy.

  • Online counseling does not allow clients and therapists to decipher tone, expression, or body language.

  • Technical difficulties may prevent clients from utilizing the service or therapists from being able to respond as quickly as they would otherwise.

CAUTION:  This site is not for people who are experiencing a crisis.  If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911 for help.


If you are ready to begin eTherapy, please go to the Begin eTherapy section of this site.


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